In the beginning of things men were animals and animals men. ~ Algonquin saying

"For instance, on the planet Earth, man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much — the wheel, New York, wars and so on — whilst all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man — for precisely the same reasons." ~ The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Monday, May 31, 2010

Why Was Watchmen's Mothman Sent to the Crazy House?

Or maybe that should be "the bug house" heh.

First posted on my Mothman Flutterings blog on March 29th, 2010.

I wondered that myself while watching that movie. An excellent movie, in my opinion by the way...

Question asked on Yahoo Answers: Why was the Mothman Watcher sent to the asylym?

Beware; for some reason the link doesn't work, or it didn't for me; I got an alert that Yahoo removed the question due to "community guidelines."  So here's what came through in my alerts:
It's not clear in the film but here's what I found on wiki :

"During the '50s, as Mason later mentions, the House UnAmerican Activities Committee forced all active costumed vigilantes to reveal themselves to one of their representatives. Due to left-wing friends that Mothman had cultivated while a student, his clearance was considerably more difficult than his companions. He was eventually cleared, but Mason describes the investigations as both lengthy and ruthless.

Mason speculates that the pressure of this meeting may have prompted his future drinking problem, but Laurence Schexnayder points out that the stem of his harder drinking was after the death of Dollar Bill. After a long bout of drinking, Mothman had a complete mental breakdown, and in 1962 he was admitted into a mental institution that Rorschach reveals is in Maine. "

Grasshopper Canyon

Posted on my blog The Orange Orb, April 8, 2010.

I love these weird little bits of, whatever they are. I was drifting off to sleep, still awake, in that warm delicious place between wake and sleep, when the slide show started. Often when I'm in this mild trance like kind of state, images start to flood my mind; one after the other, vivid, intricate images like moving postcards, but they don't last for more than few seconds. They're almost unrelated to each other, and, almost always unrelated to me. The images are usually of people in various settings and places. Global. It's as if I'm watching a TV screen gone crazy; a scene here, then, gone! Flash forward to another, and another. Sometimes this scares me a little because I don't know what these people and places have to do with me; it's as if I've wandered into someone else's dream, or head. Often I hear voices; but don't really catch anything, because it's all so fast, and a lot of the time it's even in another language.Once in awhile things slow down a bit and it seems as if I can stay, wander around, figure this thing out, but I'm whoosed off again.

It's very startling when, on occassion, one of the people in a scene will see me and look right at me; we're both equally started. Neither one of us expected to be there. Once in awhile they seem pissed off that I've intruded. And, occasionally, these scenes aren't so mundane, they take on a more paranormal or high strangeness aspect. (Like my flying over rocks and ocean and meeting up with a Sasquatch. . .)

Oregon author and psychic Nahu had interesting things to say to me about these experiences; that they're just typical psychic tapping into the grid. That's not how he put it; he said it more eloquently than that! He advised me to just let it be and go with it. I usually do but sometimes it's a bit scary and unnerving.

Not as often as I'd like but it's during these times that I'll have an OOBE; the scenes fade out and are replaced by rushing, roaring sounds, chimes, even singing, and I leave my body.

So last night I was in bed but awake. I was half listening to Coast to Coast. Steve Quale was the guest; he was talking about giants in the Grand Canyon, hidden history and artifacts. I wasn't paying much attention because of distractions in the house and I was ready to turn it off to go to sleep, just waiting for things to settle down in the house. I had just turned off the radio and immediately fell into that in between place, and I "fell" into a very deep and narrow canyon. And all around me were giant grasshoppers. By giant I mean ten feet tall. They were in a light sleep, or dormant state, in the rocks, the walls, of the canyon, and barely visible. They were well hidden and yet pale, almost translucent. They were a pale white, with a very slight green tinge, just a hint of color.  I didn't like it here one bit; the giant grasshoppers were bad enough, but the canyon itself was spooky. The canyon, the physical place itself of rock and earth and water, was a living, intelligent, cognizant entity, and as alien as any outer space being. (Or maybe we were/are the "aliens" on this earth.) Then I had the awareness that there's soemthing about the physical geography of canyons that make them generators, or conduits, for alien (both terra and extraterrestrial) entities. My mind then went to the canyon where the Bales brothers saw the giant triangle in Idaho. I'd never been to that location - never been to Idaho -- but somewhere, I was there. And it was as spooky as the grasshoppers, for the canyon itself was a living, breathing entity ancient and aware.

Like the deserts, where many mystical experiences occur, as well as the flying saucer related experiences of the Contactees, the land itself seems to be an active participant in UFO/craft and alien encounters.

I think I'm going somewhere with all this but not sure where yet.

The Cockroach That Wouldn't Die

 This was first posted on my Orange Orb  blog May 1st. . .

Barf Stew picks up on Jason Offutt's post about a giant bug, which I commented on the other day. The story reminded me of an urban legend I heard when I was in my late teens, early twenties. I was living in L.A. The story was told to me with all seriousness, most of us believed it at the time, including me! The story:

Scientists at UCLA were studying pesticides. Cockroaches taking over L.A. was a concern. So they had a cockroach the literal size of a poodle; kept in a glass cage. Success! Now they could breed the giant cockroaches to test their cockroach killing inventions. But no matter how much of the stuff they sprayed this poodle sized bug with, it wouldn't die. Finally, worried that the cockroach would escape, the scientists had to resort to shooting the thing with a gun.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

African Lion Loose in Texas?

The Texas Cryptid Hunter has an item about the news report of a lion reported roaming around in Marshall, Texas. First thing I thought: did the reports include mention of a mane? Texas Cryptid Hunter asks the same thing. Is it a cougar, bobcat or something else -- like, a lion? And if a lion, is it male or female, and how did it get there? One possibility is an escapee from a "canned hunt" (bastards!) place, though I don't know if there are any in Marshall. According to the Animal Liberation Front, there are over 500 canned hunt sites in Texas.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Outer Limits: "Tourist Attraction"

My first post here was a short item on the "pink handfish" and I used the image of the fish like creature from the Outer Limits episode "Tourist Attraction," which aired in December of 1963. In Tourist Attraction, a marine biologist and wealthy adventurer bring back something from the deep. . .

This clip has commercials, sorry for that. 

I loved that show as a kid, and this was one of my favorite episodes. So here it is:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Alien" Fish Type Creature Captured in China

A fisherman caught something very weird, to him. . . something he'd never seen before. Something odd and unidentified.

Turns out it was a snapping turtle, but it is not known in that part of the world:
A fisherman in China was surprised to catch a mystery creature which looked like a cross between a dinosaur and a turtle.
Sun Yongcheng's catch, in Weishan Lake, Anhui province, was later identified as an alligator snapping turtle, which is not native to the country.

The species is only native to North America and was probably someone's pet before being dumped in the lake, the local fishing department said.

More here, with photo, and the turtle does look like something like an alien dinosaur!

Moth Synchronicity!

I had just posted the "Puppet wolf" article below, which includes mention of Mothman, posted that on my Twitter (sigh, yes, I tweet, I fear) and right below my post/link to the puppet wolf article, was this link from Coast to Coast about a "giant moth." With pic. This morning, I noticed my cat staring up towards the kitchen ceiling; following her gaze, and afraid I was going to find a spider or wasp (they often come in through the garden window over the sink) I saw a large (though not as large, not by any means, as the C2C pic) moth in the corner.

Mothman, Puppet Wolves and the Nunahee (UFO Digest 1/09)

 This article first appeared on UFO Digest, January 2009.

 Mothman, Puppet Wolves and the Nunahee
In Andrew Colvin’s The Mothman's Photographer III, he mentions entities that visited him when he was a child:

All I had ever been able to remember was some scurrying activity in the room while I was asleep, perhaps by some small, furry creatures akin to the Cherokee “Nunahee” or Hawaiians “Menehune” (note similarity in names.) But it all seemed so dream-like I never thought it was real.
Colvin goes on to say he had done a regression and recovered a memory of interacting with the beings:
“I could remember telling the entities -- whether they were real or from the dream state -- to leave me alone.” (Mothman’s Photographer III, page 96)
When I read this I felt that familiar jolt of synchronous memory, a tugging at things within. It was Colvin’s comment about “scurrying activity “ in his bedroom and “small, furry creatures” that got me.
Wolf by den
I have memories of being visited by small, furry creatures. I call them the “puppet wolves” because they reminded me of hand puppets, gray, and looking something like wolves. They would gather all around my bed, and were very active. They’d come right up to me and talk to me. They both scared me and delighted me. They weren’t vicious or harmful, but they I had the feeling they weren’t all sweetness and light either. I knew I had to be careful around them. As it turns out, my husband had these same kinds of memories from his childhood. We both have had a lifetime of UFO and paranormal experiences; separately and together. I wrote about this in my Trickster’s Realm column I write for Tim Binnall’s Binnall of America site:
Another event that happened frequently was the “puppet wolves,” visitations, as I called them. These events were connected somehow with the above, but also different. They weren’t the same creatures, for example. It wasn’t quite as pleasant either. And I remember some events happening during the day; still in bed, but daytime.
The fuzzy puppet wolves were very small, not more than about twenty-four inches tall. They were fuzzy/furry, gray, and reminded me of puppets. They weren’t exactly malevolent, but they were quick to be extremely mischievous, pushy, and just not as “nice” as the others. I could see these guys, and remember to this day what they looked like. The other guys, I don’t remember at all, except that they were small. The puppet wolves would gather around my bed, several of them, and they were insistent. They didn’t take no for an answer, and I’d have to go with them. I don’t remember anything other than that.

Not long ago, my husband “Joe” and I were talking about our childhood “weird” experiences; memories of the paranormal, or whatever word you want to use. Before I said anything, he began to tell me of something that happened to him sometimes when he was a kid. While he was in bed, furry gray “things” would gather around the edges of the bed, and tug at him, taking him away. (Neither of us remember where we went.) I asked him if they reminded him in a way, of wolves; he said yes. Small nasty little wolf puppet, or stuffed animal-toy beings. He had never heard my story before.
The Synchronicity of Fuzzy Puppet Wolves Binnall of America, July 2007)
An online search revealed a little something about the Nunahee. I found this on an MSN message board: Native American Stories Library, where a poster describes the Nunahee:
the nunahee were the protectors of the cherokee people
and one day the chief of the nunahee came to the people and said
you have to come with us
there is great danger coming
and you will all die
In this example, the Nunahee are protectors, as well as messengers of something bad to come. Like Mothman, as many believe, who is a protector in a way, a messenger, something -- or someone -- who sees and arrives to warn.

The Cherokee connection is interesting too; it’s almost cliché to say that many UFO and paranormal experiencers are of Native descent. My grandfather was part Native; Cherokee and Lenape. (By the way, I don’t mean to say my small, furry animal creatures were Nunahee, Menehune, or Mothman, just noting Colvin’s comparing of word origins.)

I’m not sure what the “puppet wolves” my husband and I experienced in our childhoods purpose was: to protect us, warn us or maybe both? Were they guides to a liminal experience?
The point is, as we go deeper into the esoteric realm, as say, with Mothman, (or Bigfoot, or UFOs, or any number of high strangeness, anomalous experiences ) we realize there is much more to just any one specific aspect; and it’s all connected. It may seem that these “gray basket” events, as researcher Stanton Friedman calls them, has nothing to do with UFOs. And maybe they don’t, at some level. Not directly. Yet it’s possible they do on another level. I realize these seemingly contradictory, yes/no/maybe connections -- often fuzzy connections-- frustrate some researchers, particularly some UFO researchers. It’s helpful, and encouraging, to remember what UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek said:
"The part we ignore…may contain the clue to the whole subject."
• Andrew Colvin, Mothman’s Photographer III, Metadisc, 2009
Native American Library
• J. Allen Hynek, The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry 1972
• Regan Lee, Trickster’s Realm: Fuzzy Puppet Wolves, Binnall of America, 2007

Wasp Synchronicity and Crop Circles

I attended the 11th annual McMinnville UFO festival in Oregon a couple of weeks ago; crop circle researcher Colin Andrews was the keynote speaker. A fantastic presentation! I wrote about some of my responses, which includes a bit of synchronicity involving wasps, for UFOMystic: Mini Report From McMinnville: Chirps, Trills and Wasps.
Just found this AP item about a "carpet of frogs" in Greece:
Frogs closes major Greek highway
Grekk officials say a horde of frogs has forced the closure of a key northern highway for two hours.

Thessaloniki traffic police chief Giorgos Thanoglou says "millions" of the amphibians covered the tarmac Wednesday near the town of Langadas, some 12 miles east of Thessaloniki.
More here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lola's Deer: Deers and the Anomalous

Another Trickster's Realm column for Tim Binnall's  Binnall of America, from April 2007.

Last Trickster's Realm column I wrote about my friend "Lola" who lives near the Oregon coast, and her odd experiences on their property which included a deer appearing from nowhere and running alongside her truck as she was driving on the road. 

As I mentioned in that piece, the part about the deer didn't feel right; there was something very unnerving about it. Just hearing Lola tell the story gave me a strange feeling, and when I told it to my husband, he too had a strange feeling. 

I spoke to Lola the other day, and asked her if there was anything new to report on the weird deer front. She said no, but that something strange happened in the house again, though she couldn't remember just what it was. She just knew it was very strange. That in itself is weird. 

As to the deer, she said she didn't remember the deer leaving. "I didn't see it go anywhere, run off" she said. "It seemed like it should have run off into the woods, or down the road, or something -- it just wasn't there."

She also said she was "really scared" and couldn't park the truck fast enough. She ran all the way from the truck to their deck, and up to their front door. Fumbling with the keys as she tried to hurriedly get into the house. "I was really scared, the kids were really scared," . . .  and none of them could really say why. A deer on the road isn't at all unusual. So why the intense high tension and surrounding anxiety? 

I told Lola about animals appearing in many UFO encounters and anomalous events; as sort of guides, or go between. There are many cases of deer appearing in these screen memories in the context of UFO events. 

Budd Hopkins, in his book Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility and Transgenic Beings writes:
The screen memory phenomenon is another pattern that I uncovered shortly after I began my investigations. A screen memory results when UFO occupants somehow substitute more palatable conventional imagery for an abductee's traumatic recollections. Instead of recalling unnerving alien faces with large, impenetrable black eye and gray, hairless skin, abductees have frequently reported conscious, pre-hypnotic memories of such things as five-foot - tall wingless owls, gray, hairless, upright cats, or deer with expressive black eyes that communicate telepathically. . . The idea that these images are not self-generated but are implanted in the minds of abductees by their captors is supported by the fact that two or more people in the same encounter saw exactly the same (impossible) five-foot-tall owl starring at them, the same pileup of six empty cars on a deserted roads, or the same telepathic deer.
UFO researcher Raymond Fowler discovered he had his own UFO experiences. Like many UFO researchers, Fowler himself experienced many unusual UFO encounters, including those containing deer imagery. In his book Synchrofile: Amazing Personal Encounter with Synchronicty and Other Strange Phenomeana, Fowler recalls dreams of deer, after experiencing bride episodes of missing time, and "clicking sounds.�"(Strange sounds, such as buzzing, clicking, etc. sometimes occur within UFO events.)
I dreamt that I was walking by an apple tree in the woods. There were several deer eating apples off the tree. They stopped and looked at me but did not run. I thought that was strange. Stranger still was when the larger deer walked over to me. It looked at me face-to-face and began nuzzling me. I do not remember any more of the dream. I wish that I could be sure of the clock and apparent missing time, but it is hard to remember. I had entirely forgotten about the dream of the deer until something brought it to mind after breakfast. ~ Fowler,
In The Custodians: Beyond Abduction, Dolores Cannon writes about UFO witnesses and anomalous animal encounters. She recounts "Eddie's experience with many animals throughout his life, including:
In another incident while he was hunting in the woods a deer allowed him to walk up and touch it. It had no fear element whatsoever. At these times he felt as though something happened to slow him down. It made him look at things differently.
An interesting account (and author's perspective) in UFO Religions, by Christopher Hugh Partridge, relates this experience of a Finnish woman who was abducted:
The experience begins one evening at 11:00 p.m. . . driving home from the school she saw, three times, a red UFO in the sky. After seeing if for the third time, she records that she felt sleepy but, at the same time, inspired. She also remember that ht night appeared extremely black and that she felt more alone than ever. Suddenly she encountered a thick, strange fog, in the middle of which she saw two white and shinning reindeer-like animals running in front of her car.
The account goes on to describe her encounters with humanoid entities.
There are many more accounts of deer not behaving like normal deer in UFO encounters, as well as other kinds of animals; notably owls, ravens, etc.

And there is the glowing raccoon -- the glowing, talking raccoon -- that Dr. Kary Mullis met in 1983. His encounter included missing time. Other highly strange encounters were experienced by other witnesses.
Who knows what is happening on Lola's property out there near the Oregon coast, and we can't say if her deer is indicative of anything UFO or paranormal related. Maybe, as I mentioned in the previous column, there is a Sasquatch tie-in, maybe it's UFOs, maybe it's general high strangeness, or a haunting. One thing for certain: something very weird is going on out there!

Fairies, Bigfoot and Hauntings

This first appeared on Tim Binnall's Binnall of America site for my Trickster's Realm column over there in May of 2006.

I'm still making my way through the very excellent book Daimonic Reality, by Patrick Harpur. (Usually I'm reading at least five books at the same time, so it takes me awhile.) Harpur discusses paranormal Bigfoot and suggests that the so-called paranormal Bigfoot (a whole other topic unto itself; one I've been fascinated with for a long time) is a fairy. 

Fairy for lack of a better term. Unlike the image many of us may have of fairies -- that they're diminutive, and sweet, pretty girly colors with transparent wings and delicate forms -- fairies come in all sizes and shapes. They are sometimes friendly, sometimes mischievous, sometimes dangerous. They are fickle, easily offended. They need to be treated with some dignity and care, respect and distance. Traditional folklore tells us that leaving food out for fairies is important. Harpur describes a family who had Sasquatch-like encounters on their property; the being seemed to hang around the place, took the food offered, at times seemed playful. But when humans got too close, expected too much, and didn't leave food out, it was gone forever.

The behavior of fairies can mimic hauntings. What we might assume is a haunted house, and its apparitions and actions seem like those of ghosts or spirits, are not ghosts (impressions of the once living humans, or interactive deceased) but fairies. 

Sometimes these fairies attach themselves to a specific individual or family. This is what got my attention in particular; I have a close friend who, along with many members (mostly on the female side) have experiences with ghosts and hauntings, as well as UFO events. Many family members, who are scattered all over in different states, have elaborate stories of paranormal, ghost like encounters. Ghosts seem to follow them I, along with everyone else in the family, assumed these things were due to ghosts. I myself have seen and heard many ghostly type things connected to this family. 

But I always wondered at the sheer number of hauntings in this family. It seemed to be very unusual; all theses people, regardless of where they lived, have ghost issues. There often was so much activity; and the interactions between whatever entity is in this house (or, entities) seemed too intense for just a ghost. Reading Harpur's suggestion that it is entities that are not human, that are in fact, fairies of some type, attaching themselves to a family is intriguing. It's an interesting road I hadn't explored. 

Both in the cases of paranormal Bigfoot and some hauntings, this idea of a fairy entity as the cause for the manifestations seems to fit. Both topics -- Bigfoot and hauntings -- are huge, of course, and deserve their own focus. There's much more to what Harpur says in his book about this overall. I've only touched upon an idea about what might be occurring in with my friend, and her family, as well as the Bigfoot idea.
One more fascinating thread to explore in the land of the weird!

Pink Handfish: "Handfish" Species on Verge of Extinction

The pink handfish looks like something out of the classic television series The Outer Limits, but it's an actual fish, along with thirteen other types of creatures called handfish: Fish with Hands Discovered, But Species Face Extinction.