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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Bird Deaths: Missouri

A dozen or so birds found in Jefferson County, Missouri, under an underpass. Suggested explantion, old age:

Jefferson County (KSDK) -- A NewsChannel 5 viewer called in late Saturday afternoon about more than a dozen dead birds, scattered on an overpass in Jefferson County, along Old Highway 21 and just south of Rock Creek Road.

"... World Bird Santuary, Walter Crawford, and he explained what he thought the cause of this actually common fall-out could be.

"You have an overpass there," he said. "A lot of times birds will roost under these overpasses, especially in really cold winter...and, of course, mother nature weeds out the sick, the old and the injured and it could be that these were birds that were very old and just couldn't deal with the climate."

Very well could be unrelated, but in context of all the recent bird deaths, and fish deaths, people are understandably suspicous and jittery. Related or not, who knows.

More than a dozen dead birds spotted along Missouri highway | | St. Louis, MO

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