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Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Bird Deaths: Bonnie Doon,

Report says "dozens" then "two dozen" which, technically is "dozens" I suppose, since it's more than one dozen. What's interesting is the statement the birds died from "blunt force trauma" which is what was said about the cause of bird deaths in LA at the New Year. This time, the birds in Bonnie Doon were "startled" from their roosts, which caused them to fall into the path of an oncoming truck, though the report doesn't say anything about the condition of the birds, as in, being smashed up, which one would assume would be the case if hit by a truck. Another interesting item: "...some of the birds still had berries in their mouths." If true, and they did die of "blunt trauma" that suggests a sudden and immediate force that caused the deaths; sonic possibly.
Dead birds found in Bonnie Doon area

Yesterday, in Athens, Alabama, hundreds of blackbirds were killed alongside the highway. Officials there are saying they were killed by traffic; hungry, the birds were looking for forward, became startled, and were hit by a tractor. The article goes out of its way to reiterate there is nothing unusual about the deaths, using phrases as the following:
However, the 300 or more deceased blackbirds were not killed by an unusual phenomenon, but instead by less mysterious means —
the birds killed this week were simply hungry and looking for food.
We’ve got four professionals who have come to that consensus.”
Yet contrasted with the denials, are the lists of previous bird deaths, as well as the cricket virus and marine life die-offs. Keeping the low hum of anxiety alive on the one hand on a covert level, while assuring the public that there is nothing to fear by insisting "professionals" (who work for the government) agree there is nothing untoward about the deaths.

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