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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fish Die-Offs in Chicago, and more...

Lots of things in this article, while casually mentioned, are actually important in terms of what they mean concerning the die-offs. Blaming the cold weather, the low oxygen in the water, and other natural phenomena, for the bird and fish deaths doesn't explain much. It's so clear; we are experiencing crazy mad changes globally. True, cold weather may be a cause, but the question is: why are we having such unheard of cold weather?! Why is the oxygen in the water low? The birds in Athens may have died from hunger and being disoriented from the snow, but why were they so hungry? Obviously, low food supply, because. . . follow the dots. Manipulations by Dr. Evils, deaths caused by severe climate changes, and so on... in many ways it's a moot point.

The linked article has a world map of fish and bird die-offs.

Animal deaths: Thousands of dead fish in Chicago and hundreds of birds in California | Mail Online

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