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Friday, November 19, 2010

Radioactive Mouse Found at Hanford

A couple of weeks ago, a radioactive rabbit found on the Hanford nuclear reservation; now they've found a radioactive mouse. Radioactive mouse hunt at Hanford, from the Tri-City Herald:
RICHLAND, Wash. -- After catching a radioactive rabbit just north of Richland, Hanford workers now are on the hunt for a radioactive mouse.
Radioactive mouse droppings have been found in the same area where radioactive rabbit droppings were found earlier this month. About 60 mouse traps have been set, but the two mice caught so far have not been contaminated.

Both articles stress that there's no danger; from the first article from the Tri-City Herald on the radioactive rabbit:
but there is no sign any people were exposed to the animal . . . 
. . . workers with the Office of Radiation Protection have been searching for contaminated rabbit droppings. None have been found in areas accessible to the public, regional director Earl Fordham said Thursday.  
From today's item on the radioactive mouse:
The Washington State Department of Health is monitoring the situation, but does not believe there is a danger to the public...
(Doesn't "believe" there's danger? Reassuring.)

Fox urine used by Hanford workers to discourage animals from entering the contaminated area, along with
"steel plates to cover identified potential areas of contamination."
(Love that: "potential" bits of land containing dangerously toxic materials.)

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