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Monday, November 15, 2010

November Brings Plethora of Window Crashing Deer

Plethora of Window Crashing Deer Stories
November has been quite the month for news items from around North America of deer crashing through windows and doors, causing a lot of damage and chaos, as well as fright and confusion for both human and deer.

On November 10th, a deer crashed through a window in a Winnipeg school: Deer crashes through school window in Winnipeg:
Staff managed to contain a male deer after it crashed through a window beside the school's front entrance, said Terry Borys, the school district's superintendent.

"There are a lot of trees in the vicinity, and what we're thinking is this deer might have been in the trees overnight and with the increased activity around the start of school, it panicked and jumped through the window," Borys said.
Another crashing through the window deer episode from November 10th, in Ohio. See the video, with article, here.

A day later, November 11th, a deer “smased through a business window” in a showroom in Nebraska. Sadly, this deer was shot and killed by police, as it was “wedged between a wall and a bed.” Story here.

Earlier in November another deer was killed, after it crashed through a glass window on the DeSales University campus.

Another story, of a deer crashing through the windshield of a car:

A deer crashed through the car windshiled of a car in Minnesota:
ncredibly, Chris Blake of New Ulm, his wife and their 17-year-old daughter survived to tell the tale.

The State Patrol said the Blakes were blasted by the deer Saturday evening after it was first smacked by a Ford Taurus coming at them on Highway 68 west of Mankato.

The deer careened off the Taurus into the windshield of their Pontiac Vibe, went through the glass and then crashed through the back window.

There are many more items like this, from November and going back ... increased population of both deer and humans, human habitats ever growing and invading wildlife habitat, as well as signals that us humans aren't always noticing.

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