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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bird Experts "Horrified" To Discover Meat-Eating Rainbow Lorikeets

From i09:

Bird Experts "Horrified" To Discover Meat-Eating Rainbow Lorikeets: It apparently got started in an Australian backyard when a property owner put out minced meat for magpies, currawongs, and kookaburras. He also put out seeds for vegetarian birds like galahs, king parrots, and rainbow lorikeets (who really shouldn't be eating seeds because they damage their delicate tongues). It's also worth pointing out that the property is located next to native trees and shrubs, so food supply is not a problem for the lorikeets.

But seven years ago, the property owner noticed the lorikeets eating the meat, and they've been eating it ever since. In fact, they have even started to chase other birds away in an effort to defend the meat.

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