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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Zoo lioness tried to maul toddler | Orange UK

This has been making the rounds; a video of a lion in captivity at an Oregon zoo pawing at a little child in a striped outfit. Obviously the lioness thought of the child as prey: small, striped, etc. The mother, who filmed this, has been quoted as saying she thought it was "hilarious." I think it's very very sad. It's things like this that cause me not to visit zoos anymore, and I even have a hard time with larger more humane places, like Wildlife Safari, where the humans are in cars, and drive through open areas to view animals. Literally, in that case, I have been afraid of the humans -- like the ass clowns who honked at the bears, in spite of the large signs everywhere warning visitors to not honk their horns at the bears. Or the idiots who drive through with their windows open, ignoring the signs once again, and waving their hands out ... ah, tragic news clip waiting to happen. But this: just so damn sad. Zoo lioness tried to maul toddler | Orange UK

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