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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wolf Brother Killed: OR-7's sibling killed by Idaho "Hunter"

Very sad; the lone wolf that has made its way through Oregon and down into California had a sibling. OR-9, brother of OR-7 or Journey, as he's been named, was shot and killed by an Idaho hunter.

Fish and Game don't call this killing or murder, but "harvesting." Killing and murdering carry obvious meaning, while harvesting implies something good -- a reward, a reaping of a benefit. Interesting use of language. In Idaho, it's legal to kill wolves. The hunter murderer didn't have proper tags but he wasn't cited; according to Fish and Game the "hunter" had erroneous information as to renewal dates.
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued a kill order for two members of the pack, but a federal judge has blocked it. The Legislature is considering a bill backed by ranchers that would give the state explicit authority to kill the wolves.
The bastard ranchers have lots of money and power, let's hope they don't succeed in this.

Idaho hunter kills brother of lonely Oregon wolf - California State Wire -

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