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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Exotic Animal Zanesville Carcasses Hunted by Exploiters - ABC News

The sacrifice of the animals...
Exotic Animal Zanesville Carcasses Hunted by Exploiters - ABC News

Trophy hunters sick bastards are calling Ohio authorities in order to obtain the dead bodies of the animals killed. Fortunately, the local authorities aren't having any of it:
People hoping to profit from the death of nearly 50 exotic animals that escaped from a farm in Zanesville, Ohio, after the preserve owner shot and killed himself, have been contacting the sheriff's office, interested in taking the animals to a taxidermist.
"We've gotten calls and e-mails about what [is] going to happen to the animals ... could they be obtained for these types of things," said Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz. "There's a lot of people who would pay a lot of money to get these animals."
But Lutz is cracking down.
The location of the 49 animals buried on the property has not been disclosed, Lutz said, adding, "Anybody caught on that property looking for it will be charged with criminal trespassing."
Earlier this week officers stopped a group of people from stealing the dead body of a lion.

That individual, thankfully, was right busted.

As much as I am against people keeping exotic animals, I do believe that Terry Thompson, the owner of the "sanctuary" and man who released the animals and then killed himself, meant well and cared for the animals. Clearly he was very disturbed. I feel for his wife, who is now on the property according to reports, and keeping vigil, making sure there are no thrill seekers trying to trespass. My compassion for Thompson doesn't condone what happened or the issue of keeping exotic animals, but I think we should remember that this is a tragic, tragic case all around. Hopefully some good will come of this, in terms of laws passed banning the practice of keeping exotic animals.

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