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Monday, August 1, 2011

From C2C: Transcript Snippet, George Knapp on Cattle Mutes

George Knapp's thoughts on cattle mutilations on the Coast to Coast site:George Knapp Transcript Excerpt 7/27/11 - Coast to Coast AM:
These days, I suspect there is a government entity...or maybe a corporate team..that is carrying out a large number of the mutes and for a very spooky reason...

My suspicion is that this "someone" is monitoring the spread of dangerous contaminants thru the food chain. My friend Dr. Colm Kelleher wrote a book called Brain Trust. It traces the spread of "mad cow". This terrible disease was formed into a weapon by our military labs and somehow it got out. It has spread to several species, including cattle and it has already killed far more people than anyone will admit..right here in this country...

I suspect that they have been grabbing and mutilating cattle to see just how far the poisoned prions have spread thru the food chain. It is sadly not confined to cattle because modern agriculture feeds everything to every species...meaning vegetarian cows end up eating contaminated feed...feed that still includes blood from potentially infected animals...then cows get fed to chickens..and cows and chickens are fed to's a terrible and potentially devastating problem that no one wants to admit...~ George Knapp

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