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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tiny the Lobster Update

Tiny the lobster, so named by the fisherman who caught him, is being auctioned off for charity. Tiny is over forty pounds, which is huge, of course, for a lobster. Tiny was caught a week ago in New Brunswick, at that time Troy Mitchell, fisherman of lobsters, said:
Mitchell has put the lobster up for sale online in hopes someone might want to save Tiny, either to donate to the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews, N.B. to display or to set him free. He says his preference is to donate the proceeds to the local Cancer Society charity, instead of selling the lobster to the market within the next few days. Mitchell says it's most likely a lobster of this size would end up being canned.
"I'd just hate to see it go to a cannery," he said.
He'd hate to see Tiny end up in a can, but not so much as to ensure that doesn't happen. Further hedging on Tiny's fate in this update:
The public attention generated by Tiny - multiple television appearances and international news coverage - is what convinced the Mitchells that Tiny can do a lot more good for mankind than by simply becoming the main ingredient in a few dozen lobster rolls. So instead of having Tiny shipped to a cannery, they've put the lobster up for auction, with all money raised going to the Charlotte County Cancer Society and hopefully ending with Tiny living another 40 or so years in the comfort of a tank at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in southwestern New Brunswick.
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