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Friday, May 6, 2011

Navy Seal Dogs and their Titanium Teeth

More sickness and what we do to animals, using propaganda to justify these actions. One tactic is the making of heroes out of the animals to assuage our own guilt. The reason for the removal is mainly to instill fear in the enemy, and the implantation of the teeth doesn't seem to be successful:
The teeth of the K-9 combater have been extracted and replaced with titanium choppers. Using titanium, the dog is able to attack without fear of breaking teeth. The one drawback is that many of the dental sets have fallen out when the dog is chomping on the enemy.
The main reason for the metallic smile is the fear factor of the fangs. When a hundred pound pooch with metal teeth is aimed for attack, the sight can be quite frightening. The bite from the jugular with titanium also tears the flesh with more force.
There isn't much more to the story at the link here:Navy Seal Dogs and their Titanium Teeth which is just a puff piece.

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