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Friday, March 25, 2011

Radford: Are Chupacabra Recollections Real? : Discovery News

Not content to have "solved" the Chupacabra mystery, Radford is now looking for witness accounts prior to the 1990s. Article begins:
As reported here on Discovery News and elsewhere, the origin of the mysterious vampire beast el chupacabra can be traced back to an eyewitness who saw the 1995 film Species, which featured an identical monster.

As I commented in my previous post no it can't, and no it doesn't.

But, Radford, one of the new, improved, benign forms of skeptics, (who, like Joe Nickel, present themselves as "paranormal investigators" not skeptics) offers a reward for anyone providing proof of earlier sightings:
I'll offer a public $250 reward (plus a signed copy of my book Tracking the Chupacabra) for the first verifiable written evidence of a blood-sucking monster called the chupacabra (or chupacabras) that dates before 1990. It must be a published, dated reference; I can be contacted via Discovery News.

Well, at least he hasn't offered up the owl as an explanation for the mystery.

Are Chupacabra Recollections Real? : Discovery News
Thanks to The Anomalist for link.

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