In the beginning of things men were animals and animals men. ~ Algonquin saying

"For instance, on the planet Earth, man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much — the wheel, New York, wars and so on — whilst all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man — for precisely the same reasons." ~ The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thousands of Dead Marine Life in Amazon River

More animal die-offs, very sad as well as unnverving. From the Amazon, also Florida, thousands of various fish found dead. From the Amazon:
At Aquidauana, pantanal region of the Mato Grosso do Sul state, shoals of painteds, pacus, golden fishes, cacharas – and even stingrays, are floating dead in Rio Negro, one of the largest in the Amazon River basin.
Untold thousands of marine animals float dead in Amazon river & Florida | The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

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